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We are a collective group made up of ordinary people, entrepreneurs and traders from around the world who are using a NEW Successful Money System during this global pandemic crisis.

Our purpose? to achieve financial freedom, together!


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Learn how you can leverage off the Foreign Exchange Market and many other platforms with Tradera Education Training put together by some of the world's TOP trader's and get additional Expert Mentoring.

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Education Training &

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A complete trading course with 100+ education video's and PDF's from Experts. It covers how to trade the markets with basic, intermediate & advanced sections


Thousands of hours of REAL TIME Live Trading sessions & Hundreds of Educators broadcasting live during major market sessions

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We send trade alerts to your back office everyday so you can earn as you learn from our Trading Education

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Tens of thousands of people from around the world, supporting each other in one place.

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Experts, Top Traders you name it we have them plugging into our trade communities, offering mentoring

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Disclaimer: Trading the foreign exchange market carries high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Trading on margin and utilizing leverage can carry an even higher level of risk that can lead to a complete loss of investment funds. Before deciding to trade the foreign exchange market, you should carefully and diligently consider your personal investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Because a possibility exists that you could potentially sustain significant loss, you should NOT invest or trade any capital that you cannot afford to lose. It is your responsibility to be aware of and understand all risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and to seek professional advice from an independent certified financial advisor if you have any doubts.

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